Everywhere you walk. Everything you hear. Everything– all that seems to matter are numbers. Quiz grades. Test grades. Averages. GPA. Ranks. But… do those numbers really matter that much? Okay, so they matter to colleges, and that’s the only thing on most seniors’ minds this point of their lives, probably the only thing on the minds of their parents as well. College applications. The culmination of all the years spent studying and befriending teachers. Applications, more so than anything else, even graduation, matter most to high school seniors. But then again, what is a college? A place to further one’s education. In what? Why does all this matter SO MUCH to SO MANY?
Take a good, hard look around. Think of major events that have occured in the past few years. Make a list.

1. 9/11
2. fear of terrorists
3. War in Iraq
4. War against Terrorism
5. Tsunami
6. Hurricane Katrina

and the list just keeps growing. constantly. exponentially. what does this mean?

there are many who believe the End is coming; the Day of Judgment. — straight from Revelations. If so, will you be prepared when the day comes? Will your friends?


from a PASS IT ON msg card: When the fight is finished. when the race is run. will He find me faithful. will He say “Well Done”?