it’s been almost exactly 4 months… we all used to blog pretty constantly. and now barely anyone updates, myself included =


anyway, i was driving home from church this morning when (again), i realized just how much i enjoy leisurely driving and singing in the car (when i’m by myself, of course). a part of me just wanted to continue driving….to austin, to dallas, just downtown and back. this is how i find rest.
but practically speaking, it rarely happens. why waste gas like that, when gas prices are increasing so rapidly?
i can always just leave the car half running and sit outside my house, but people find that weird = and it’s still wasting some gas..or something…

all i’ve been doing lately is bum by watching tv. essentially wasting time, because it’s not all that restful.


as for the songs – songs have always held so many memories for me, and i think they always will. at least, i hope they do =)
i think that’s why i like music so much.