this is a weird time to blog, but from experience, if i don’t do it now, it’ll never happen, haha.
also, this is a rambling and extremely collective post.


sometimes, i want to blog, but i’m afraid of who will read it.
other times, i want to blog, but am afraid no one will read it.


sometimes, i want to move far away, where i know nobody and will have to start anew.
other times, it’s plain absurd.


sometimes, i want to spend more time with more people.
other times, people are frustrating and i just want to block out the world.


sometimes, i want to spew everything out and feel refreshed.
other times, i think of the consequences.


sometimes, i finally realize i can turn to Jesus, who
always, is there to listen with unconditional love.


maybe, just maybe, it’s time i learn to depend on You.