on my way to work a few weeks ago, i looked up at the pretty skies and thought, as long as i see these paintings, i’ll forever be reminded of God’s creativity, of His presence.

today, i looked up at the skies and thought, maybe i’ve been too spoiled by every morning’s beauty. because it’s starting to feel the same; i’m beginning to lose the awestruck wonder. i reflected back on my previous thinking, slightly worried and a little disappointed in myself. a small corner of my mind berated the rest of me, whispering, now look what you’ve done! God will probably put you in your place soon enough. small corner. yeah….it’s possible. fits His humour. but what are the odds?

then the road curved, and i kid you not. the view was majestic. i spent a lot of energy convincing myself that it was good enough for me to see this, for everyone else on the road to be part of it. i did not need to snap a picture for the rest of the sleeping world, who had missed out. sooo tempted to take a quick picture, but…i stayed safe =)

a brilliant ball of flaming red-orange peeked out from the horizon. well by peeked, i probably mean halfway. peered? it, in turn, painted the brightening lightest-shade-of-blue sky with streaks of purple and rays of pink and orange, fanning the vicinity. i could barely tear my eyes away. probably as close to my idea of the perfect sunrise scenery as i have ever experienced.

the road curved some more, and the sun and accompanying streaks popped up behind part of the houston skyline.



it’s unfortunate my mental camera doesn’t remember much more than the verbal description/commentary going on in my head at the time. but i guess it didn’t need it. 
Good one, God.

in case anyone’s keeping score, He’s ahead, 120987561203978087^infinity – 0.