where to start, and how to tie it all together? haha.


the olympics closing ceremony (london 2012) was fun! more music than the opening, and a lot of british music has actually filtered over to US of A, surprisingly enough. here i thought americans have only been playing their own music (aside from the beatles and spice girls) until recently. it helps that people (almost) everywhere have to learn english, thanks to the UK and US, which i think made the 2012 games/ceremonies more open. whereas i don’t know much about rio, or brazilian culture or celebrities or music. i’m sure it’ll be fun and have a lot of dancing, but i won’t be able to connect as much/on the same level – at least, i don’t think so. who knows! this was probably the most “into” the olympics i’ve been though – except i barely remember much about beijing 2008 so perhaps this is how i always feel. i remember 8/8/08, lots of people, and a lot of fireworks. and michael phelps. and redeem team. my parents remember the big 4 from hk and jackie chan performing..?

but the sadness i felt at the closing makes me realize just how much of a sap i am. i got semi-emotional when people on the screen were emotional (both happy and sad), and then was super sad that this 17 day run came to an end. it was as if watching clips of athlete’s lives and performances on the big stage made them part of the family. well, that, and it was fun having something to watch, and knowing that a heckofalot of others around the world watched as well =) community!
anyway, i have trouble letting go and saying my goodbyes, which is something my parents have said since i was a little one. i think at that time, though, they were just making excuses for my rudeness at not saying goodbye. who knows.. now that i’m old, i realize i do dislike the real goodbyes, when they mean something (semi-)long term haha.

and now people are leaving one by one =( i’d rather be the one to leave and experience new things, knowing that i can always fall back on the people back home. safety net and all =P i have more difficulty in letting go, but ironically, in the same vein, i can skip straight to “moving on” and switch from one to the other. hrm.


ok, too long of a post. next up, church this morning, and a continuation of the scattering. and conversations. hope i understand these clues to myself haha. with the way my memory has been going, it’ll be a toughie.

i’ve missed writing. i should be an author! except i’d get no readers. maybe editor….. just need to find a potential budding author……or if i push my sister reall hard to become famous, i’ll become her manager! or i’ll just train to professionally race walk. oh, the options.