i may be transitioning back to old fashioned journaling…not that i’m doing it consistently. 

it’s just more convenient to pick up a journal and scribble thoughts down now that my computer is not always on. and working at a normal speed. haha. ok it’s actually pretty good, seeing as i’ve probably exposed it to tons of viruses and all that. but i rarely feel like blogging by the time i get done with organizing and checking other stuff….so then i don’t. and recently my thoughts have been confined to short lines typed into my phone to jog my memory for whenever i do eventually decide blog. since it’s been a long while, well…journaling is probably the way to go.


but no worries, my life is still uninteresting =)


and i miss bo ai…and asia…and making new short-term friends with the hope that they’ll stay long-termers. and traveling, as always.

if only companies would be ok with letting people take unpaid days off. i don’t mind not getting paid a few days just to wake up late for no reason, on a non-holiday, non-weekend day. 


and dang it, spent wayyy too much time looking at tycan pics on china. and in my external harddrive. 4.5 hrs of sleep omgsh. and i was thinking of going to sleep at about 8 earlier tonight. lured in by the adrenaline rush that was game 4 =