this weekend has been a blast, but it’s made me feel like last year all over again. fun times, but still, the goodbyes.



part of me wants to take tmrw as a practice/experience thing. another part is just thinking, ugh, i should just go to work since it’s pointless..

and the greatest part of me is mourning the loss of fun travel and bum time. and having a bunch of superclose and close friends around all the time. 
ok, mourning is a strong word. let’s just say i’m throwing a pity party for myself at the moment.


hey, anything to postpone the studying, right? jk. 



i really should just hang out with my family and no one else. this weekend has spoiled me, and now i don’t feel like going back to work on tuesday……uh oh.
or maybe this is all bc i can’t do my usual traveling this summer. now there’s nothing to take my mind off the fact that life moves on, whether we like it or not! and the fact that everyone (ok fine. majority of everyone) is moving away, whether permanently or temporarily =(