i kinda..wanna wake up about half an hour earlier..

so i tried calculating it, to get about 7-8 hrs of sleep, i’ll have to go to bed around 9-10pm. wake up at 5am…





interesting. my desktop weather thing shows that hk is storming, with a cool-looking lightning cloud….not that it’s a good thing. just looks cool, is all.


short workweek! gotta figure out my schedule…and how to take PTO..and what to wear to work….what to eat……i keep making so many lists, but they’re scattered everywhere. sigh.


also, i was really cranky today. i wish i still had the energy of my college freshman self. sophomore wouldn’t be too bad either. waking up early even after sleeping after 3/4am. getting to sleep in randomly….seemed like i had allll the time in the world.



time if seriously flying by so quickly, it’s scary.