lol, today was just one of those days….

started with waking up an hour late (at about 6:40, after waking up at 2 from the rain and going back to sleep around 4/430).
ended when i called it a day after unsuccessfully looking for a raisin that blended in with the carpet (seriously, office carpets have to change their colors. hrmph.)
and a whole lot in between!

it got to the point where we could do nothing else but laugh at how ridiculous the day was going. silver lining – a bust is a bust, no matter how big.

but hey, skies were clear when i drove to and from work, though it’s not thundering (pouring rain seems to have ceased for now though)
so it’s all good =) 

(oops. spoke too soon, as always. rain back on! but doesn’t sound as intense as last night)


spurs still waiting, waiting, waiting…