lolll whenever i visit my xanga, i click on “footprints”.

today, i found 2 footprints from “Mozilla – Russian Federation” ?!?!? do i even know anyone in Russia?? hahah. well anyway, if you visit again, hello =)


but that’s beside the point. today, i just wanted to gush over my love of music!
or well, i ❤ the voice. realllly enjoyed all of today’s performances (last final performances, tomorrow’s the grand finale! with performances from the judges, lady a, bieber (whose newish song reminds me a lot of JT, which is weird), hall and oates (don’t remember who they are), and flo rida)
couldn’t even switch over to my fav spurs (who won today! 4-0 sweeeeep of the jazz!) during commercial breaks, bc i just kept thinking of the artists and songs and performances ::satisfied::

before today, i would’ve said the final results = 1) juliet (team cee-lo), 2) jermaine (blake), 3) chris (christina), 4) tony (adam). but now i feel like the top three is TIGHT. not that tony’s bad, but he’s less different than the other three, and between him and jermaine, i’d def go for mr. jermaine paul. his voice is so strong, and he always seems like he’s having fun! though he’s shown that he has his sentimental side, too. he performed “God gave me you” to thank blake today, and that song, along with Jason Mraz’s “I won’t give up on you” are my two current fav sappy songs =) if i were the type to plan weddings, they’d def be on my list of songs. but….i’m not, haha. i just realllly like music!

i watch all the music reality shows… except american idol bc it’s been on so long. but i guess for any reality show, once you start watching and hearing about contestants’ lives and backgrounds, you just get invested in them. sigh, american marketing! *shakes fist* *but not really*


oh back to the voice. i kinda wish katrina had made it to the final 4 instead of tony, but at the same time i kinda get it, her voice is superb, but maybe her performances didn’t have enough energy. like chris mann, but less, maybe? i dunno. i was trying to imagine how katrina would’ve performed tonight. and i saw it as “chris-type”, but not as suave. bc she’s a girl.. also, i’m sad that christina seems to have a vendetta against tony. i mean, yeah, the press has been playing it up, but you don’t have to feed the flames! come on. she couldn’t say something nice and stick to it, she had to comment about the derogatory lyrics. and then interrupt adam a bunch. we get it already. and then she had to put tony down (in a sideways comment) while complimenting chris for his thank you song! ugh. but she seems to treat her contestants right, and it makes me happy that chris was really happy about performing w/ her. and that he made her cry with his solo performance of “you raise me up”. i like it when celebs show emotion like that, haha. even though it could be fake bc they can act and all. but whatever.



happy about performances! ❤ the voice today =)


oh side note. it feels like i haven’t been to work in foreverrrr. half day last friday and training out of office today. feels weird. should sleep now….

may has gone by superfast.