haha, to celebrate working for a month….


i woke up (almost) an hour late on friday! >.< my eyes POPPED open, i looked around and it was BRIGHT, and my phone read 6:27am. DANG IT.
i had woken up at 5 to turn off my alarm, but i felt kinda awake, so i checked my email, then went back to sleep. my second alarm was at 5:30 (as usual).
unfortunately, i left my phone ON MY BED, and i must have subconsciously turned it off at 5:30, like i used to do allll the time back at UT =(

anyway, rushed to work after texting L, who replied that she herself was running about 10min late. haha, cool.
then i saw L’s grandma C as i was parking my car in the garage..
i rushed through the elevator lobby, and when i told the security guard i had overslept!! he replied with “haha i think you’ll be fine, there aren’t many people up there yet” (i think he’s my fav guard, always looks cheery and enthusiastic, unlike some other bored ones..)
as i entered the floor, D was walking back to her cubicle, and when i answered the standard “how are you doing?” with “i overslept an hour!” she replied “me too!”
and then after saying “good morning” to L, she said her grandma had texted her earlier with “uh oh, i don’t think i can get in until 7:30…i’m setting such a bad example!”
we def shared a laugh after that…

best part? manager didn’t email us until around 9:30, so we had a pretty relaxed morning =)


and then L and i kinda walked around during lunch to see potential variety in future lunches, so that was kinda fun too


after experiencing short fridays, long fridays seem realllly long though. almost as if it weren’t a friday, but a normal weekday..


today…experienced first crawfish boil (eh. too little meat for all that work. it’s not bad, but i don’t think i can eat that much of it either. but maybe more than mussels, haha)
then chatted with parents at home afterwards about random stuff


now to get cpa on track!


my life is really undramatic…..but life is good =)
i hope i can still praise God like this when life isn’t as good. but i honestly think my whole life – altogether,as a whole- has been just..good.