opened google reader today, and almost all of the people whose posts i look forward to reading posted within the past couple of days! so i was really excited =)
i get excited when people post words though, but ohwell. can’t be too greedy.. 


what else…i’ll throw in some random thoughts!
– when i first started working, i would arrive around 7am, and it was still pretty close to pitch black. after about a week, it got slightly brighter, maybe a lighter shade of dark navy blue when i’d walk from the garage to the office building. now, when i leave the house at around 6:15/6:20, it’s lighter than that lighter shade of dark navy blue! and more cars are on the road… luckily the drive so far (after that first week) has been relatively smooth =) thank you God!

L told me about witnessing a pretty big accident today when she was driving in from work = i heard about it on the radio, how a helicopter was sent in, so a few lanes had to be cleared…. a car entered the fast lane, hitting the fast lane car on its side. fast lane car was knocked into the space between the median and the fast lane and was dented, but continued on and (maybe?) eventually returned back to the fast lane. second lane car, however, kept going through the fast lane, and went up and down the median THREE times! crazy. it slid up, then back down, and again and again…. L said the truck behind it stopped, but she and the car in front of her (the next vehicles in line) went to the second lane and kept going… she said she saw the airbags all deployed on that car… =

i’ve always thought it was kinda weird, how when people report accidents on the radio, they sound so matter-of-fact. and when we listen, it’s just to see if our lanes are blocked or anything so we can time how long it’ll take to get to wherever we need to go. but for the ones in the accident, and their friends and family… life-changing.


just a thought.


– went to a wellness seminar today hosted by BCBS..the speaker talked about heart disease. we’re supposed to get 30min of exercise per day! i walk maybe 5min/day…..maybe i should start speed walking around the floor, about 3min per turn and then walk 10 times throughout the course of the workday? haha.
anyway, the real star of the seminar was the food! everyone said it was the same as last time, but who cares. jason’s deli lunch boxes, with 2 thin-ish wraps (that i at first thought was one, so i ate them both together until i realized, whoops….) + big cup container of carrots + big cup container of fruits! + delicious oatmeal cookie with cranberries and nuts (maybe walnuts? or almonds? not sure..)! 

-another seminar tmrw, it’s one of those “choose 3 of 4” per year, but since i missed the first one (wasn’t hired yet), i’m required to go to the remaining 3. this one is about getting along with others in the office. or something. bc the company’s growing, so now they have to teach us to respect each other and our differences…i think something about diversity, maybe? i forgot.

– training day next week! which means i’ll be out of the office again, this time closer to home, yay =) it doesn’t sound terribly exciting though, but maybe we can leave a little early like last time? we have to bring our own calculators this time =( wonder how parking is…

– cpa bleh. prob retaking it in oct/nov. DID YOU KNOW that it’s almost may?! where does time go? my next cpa exam is right around the corner! didn’t realize that.. but that also means that memorial day holiday is right around the corner 🙂

– went to a friend’s birthday dinner tonight and was able to catch up with some people. well, two point five haha. was introduced to other people, who seemed nice, but it’s moreso small talk people. not sure if i’d recognize them if i ran into them randomly…but at least i’d know who they are if i’m requested to spend time with that crowd again, which is always nice. baby steps! (my new motto, along with the old “life works out.”)

– i can never write short posts unless i’m being emo…sorry.

– tried sleeping a little later yday to test my limits (bc i slept a LOT over the weekend. it’s like my body’s natural response to perceived stress. shut down, sleep forever and avoid said perceived stress for as long as possible. i would sleep for 8-10 hrs and still take 1-2hr naps! sigh.). but yeah, slept at about 12 maybe? i don’t remember, fell asleep surfing the web on my phone >.< and i did NOT want to wake up today. my sleeping schedule makes me sad, esp when i compare it to my glorious college days.. i used to sleep at about the time i wake up now!

ok the end.