lol, A told more stories about her “dirty cop uncle” and something about her aunt who used to force ppl to give her money? like using her authority? i think she was a cop too. i forget. and then she called me naive bc i found it confusing that one cop [in a separate news story] didn’t bother getting her mom’s statement after a guy died in the hospital. before he died, he listed out who had wounded him (i think he was stabbed and run over). but the cops found someone else to prosecute instead. and i was like, wait, how’d they randomly find a person out of thin air? and she gave me a pitying look and said, “you are way too naive…” sigh.

then she went on to say that she should write a book, with all these stories. something along the lines of “Being White in a Redneck World” (except it sounded better, i just don’t remember what it was..) i’d buy it, just to say i know the author! haha.


today was my first short friday! and i don’t go in to work on monday bc i’m taking a part of the cpa exam. except i have’t studied. so i’m wasting time and money. yay.

anyway, i was afraid of what traffic might be like this morning, so i left at 645 (last time i had left at 7am and arrived after 8 bc of an accident). surprisingly, there was no traffic! and i ended up parking the car at about 7:15/7:20! crazy. i had told L that i wouldn’t get in early (as in 7am, our regular time) bc no matter when we get in, we don’t leave until 11:30 on short days. and anyway, we’re still learning stuff, so we’d have to wait on other people to do stuff..
i ended up walking in squares around the area. (1 block until i arrived back where i started, then 2 blocks, etc). hopefully more walking = more familiarizing myself. but then i realized i wouldn’t really have opportunities to walk around, haha. oh well. we’ll see!

ps. reallly grateful for today’s timing. since it’s a short friday and we left early, i didn’t have to drive through the rain! or potential floods or messed up roads/lights!

pps. i keep having maroon 5’s new single, payphone, stuck in my head randomly. which i don’t mind, it’s one of those sad but catchy tunes. minor key, maybe? or it might just be adam levine’s voice, haha. and thanks to N.C., i now know that adam has the same bday as me! so exciting.

ppps. after going through potential expenses w/ my mom one late night, i came to the conclusion that, if i were to move out, i’d be in debt! aka poorer working than not. haha. so i’m glad i’m still at home, though it seems like everyone else at work is independent and moved out, and i’m just the little kid who’s still staying with family…..sigh. i like family though..most of the time..kinda.

pppps. awesome  that the spurs work as a team and (kinda surprising, to be honest) they keep winning no matter what kind of player carousel is going on, with certain players resting one day and the others resting the next. gj pop! and very proud of the team/organization. spurs #1! =)