um, so i haven’t actually been that busy..
– counting next monday as an expensive “lost cause”
– coming home at about 530-545ish somewhat regularly
– *knock on wood* traffic’s been decent lately, nothing like the first bad-impression-setting week when there were major accidents on 59 daily. so =) for that
– bumming when i get home
– sleeping at around 10-11pm
– waking up around 530am (some days i’m pretty good and alert, other days i’m surprisingly tired, despite my many hours of sleep..)

haven’t gotten around to turning on my computer much, though. or replying to emails. or fb msgs. or whatever. sorry…(not that most of those ppl read this blog, haha)


there’s this lady A who shares a cubicle wall with me – she listens to current music and talk radio, but when i don’t feel like listening i just plug in my earphones. anyway, i think she’s in her late 30s, but she has a daughter who’s married…i think in her 20s? so i might be wrong? i dunno.

anyway, she’s pretty cool about story-telling, and as L says affectionately, “man, she’s just a hot mess!” (i think that’s a compliment in her lingo) – and since i can’t think of anything else to write, you can read about them =)

she gave us examples of how she’s been able to keep expenses low while still throwing really fun parties for her daughter, and i kinda wish i had those parties too!
– mystery dinner: where her daughter invited some friends over, and they’d have a menu with random stuff that corresponded to random foods. if they picked correctly, they’d get utensils. if not, they might end up with fantastic food, but…nothing to eat it with. haha.
– black lights: A bought 2 blacklights to stick in her daughter’s room and some canvases for the group of girls to paint with neon colors or whatever black lights are used to see. so then htey’d turn off the lights and the canvases would glow!
– not a party, but she taught her daughter to budget by giving her $500 to spend on clothes for the year. so yeah, she could spend $200 on really nice jeans or whatnot, but she’d only have $300 for the rest of her clothes, or as she put it, “everything else would have to come from thrift shops or something”..i wish my sis would learn to budget!

one random day, she told me about how her sister was in jail for possession. (a lot of these coworkers are kinda open about what i would think are personal details of their lives, which is kinda interesting) she called her dumb bc her sister’s friend was the one with the bag or whatever, (i think it was weed?) but since she had a warrant or warning or whatever, she told A’s sister to take it when the cops showed up. A was like, the stupid thing was, my sister also had had a warning before! ..and then she told me about how you could get a lot of stuff in jail, except for ice. all the drinks are lukewarm. and the food stinks.
(ohhh, this came up bc she read something about how some big shot recently bought a bunch of stuff at the jail convenience store, and she didn’t understand why his itemized list of purchases would make the news) 

where she really excels in, though, is pranks!
i’m officially scared that she’ll do something one day, but on the bright side, april 1 has passed and it was on a sunday. not so certain about next year, but there’s still some time =)
she told L and i about pranking her old co-worker, who was kinda a jerk. or stuffy. or something not entirely positive. so on april 1, she’d had all her friends and coworkers and husband’s coworkers, etc text this guy pretending they were his (not very long-time) girlfriend, asking him to buy some tampons from the store on his way home. basically, the entire day, random unknown numbers were texting “hey honey, could you stop by the store to get a box of tampons tonight?” the guy was really confused, and went to A going, “i don’t like her that much..” and “why isn’t her number showing up as her??”
..never knew or suspected A…

and then she told us about some pranks where someone would wrap everything on a coworker’s desk in foil. EVERYTHING. so imagine the hassle of working that day…
or tying an invisible thread from a bunch of items to the person’s chair. so when they moved their chair, everything would fly off the desks, etc. insane!

i’d never even think about these things, let alone want to attempt them…

she told me her “best” prank yesterday, which involved a girl who wasn’t very nice to her back in middle school..
can you even imagine?
A went through her teen magazines that summer, and signed up for all the fat camps/brochures as that other girl! so throughout summer, that girl received neverending letters and brochures in the mail, about fat camp and losing weight and diets..
hopefully she wasn’t scarred for life…


but yeah, i’d never wanna get on A’s bad side. or even in her pranking sights. i’ll volunteer to help her or something…..


ok sorry for the lack of updates. i’m a lazy hermit. pretty sure i’ve said it multiple times lately..

also, yay spurs!
and dang, the voice. coaches making decisions i’d never have expected. though i’m kinda glad..
and i’m feeling sorry for christina aguilera now! never thought that would’ve happened. all bc she got really emotional after lindsey paveo’s performance, which i didn’t really get. but still, she got emotional! so that was kinda cool.


ok, almost time to sleep. goodnight. wednesday means thursday’s just a day away, which means….my first half friday! yay =)