hrm, not much went on today..

– left at 615, arrived at 645ish! amazing. not much traffic, just slowed down a little somewhere along the way. the normal problem spots are at the beltway 8 and 610 splits, and chimney rock exit..
– casual friday! i was nervous that i heard/read stuff wrong, and i’d be hopelessly underdressed, thinking all fridays were casual instead of just half fridays. but it’s all good, all fridays are casuals =)
– 1st paycheck! L peeked in this morning and said she had checked her account, we did get paid!
– went with L and someone else (she plays good music, our cubicles are facing each other i think, separated by the cubicle wall) to subway to buy lunch back to the office
– listened and chatted with a few people
– L is an ’87er. she’s young! dang.
– manager J left at around 3pm, for austin, which meant we didn’t have any rushed deadlines.he said we’d work on stuff on monday, yay =)
– now i needa figure out what days i want off for the year..
– L and i finished our thick stack of papers! that was fun, to print out that last sheet. done. unless J finds something wrong. but should be good!
– i reallllly like picking up supplies. shopping without paying, for my fav stuff =) too bad everything’s office depot brand. doesn’t matter!
– weird getting tired around 10 =
– hmm gas. i’m sad about gas..
– glad fantasy bball is winding down, no time to check and keep up with everything.