ok scrambled thoughts, go!


so i keep my phone on silent all day at work. it’s like i’m interning. i guess bc i’m still “new”, don’t wanna give the wrong impressions. i only look at it during lunch… theoretically, i would check it whenever i have some down time, but there’s been so much to do and learn that i haven’t had much down time… 

Other new hire L is now doing the same stuff as me! yay. so now she understands why i’m always in our manager’s office. i guess it’s cool he’s kinda chatty. i think i like chatty people, bc i don’t have to think hard. or feel pressured to think of convo stuff..

left work early today! at about 4. i was SUPER surprised. i asked S during the day to let me know when the group started walking to HH, and she surprised me by saying she was driving instead! at first, she wanted me to drive and follow along, but i guess i looked like i’d back out or like, walk in the pouring rain (though the rain kinda stopped by then), bc she then relented and offered me a ride with some other people. guess i understand why she didn’t offer right off the bat. the other ladies in the car were good friends, i think. and they gossiped and chatted about a specific person like i wasn’t even there! sigh office gossip/politics. hopefully i don’t get involved in anything. i’ll just be unsociable. guess they’re confident or comfortable enough. two of them had kids older than me, and one has teenagers. i felt like their tagalong kid… 

bartender-ess (?) made a malibu punch (?) for me. she asked what i wanted, and i had no clue, so i asked my carpool if they had suggestions (one had ordered red wine, the other two skinny margaritas). they had no clue either, so bartender(ess) suggested something fruity (i asked for not so much alcohol), and she came back with a surprise. with rum. not bad. then some appetizers came along. think they were running late though. the internal auditors seem like cool people somewhere near my age (i’m guessing late 20s, maybe 30s). too bad ppl i’m around (besides L) are still older..

went to get some supplies (it’s like shopping for stationery! except without paying! fantastic.), and while i was there a lady pushed a file cart to file some stuff. i looked up, and she looked back. her first words to me: “you chinese?” … haha. that’s nice. i said i’m singaporean, she asked if i spoke chinese, i said kinda, but more cantonese. then she said “oh yeah, i was talking to a guy, and he said they hired a new girl! and she’s chinese. so you’re upstream production, huh? 27th floor?” ah, office grapevine. but she was slightly off on my floor #. 

i left at around 630pm today (after HH), and got home at around 703! MINIMAL TRAFFIC. best driving ever. i asked someone else who lived in SL what time they leave to get in around 630, and they said around 550-6! i leave around 615 and get there at 7/715 -_-

FRIDAY! casual friday. wonder how casual it actually is. i guess i’ll go like, church top + jeans + flats and check it out tmrw, then adjust for future Fridays =)

speaking of which, manager J showed us our section’s calendar with due dates, noted that next week is a holiday, said that means we get gypped, and that maybe we could “work something out to make up for it, within our department”….hoping for something good! (aka 3.5 hrs less work, and not free food or something..)

i didn’t eat my apple for lunch today, and accidentally left it in the office in my haste to leave with my ride (and not be left behind)

totally haven’t been talking much to people lately. sorry.. i’m a lazy hermit, what can i say.