oops. time keeps disappearing on me.

but i have stories!
i’ll prob have stories for like the first week, then get used to life and..disappear.


– driving at 625. got there at 7. SUPER dark leaving my street, there were no lights! then a little bit of traffic along the way. i’ll prob try to leave closer to my aimed-for time (615), but i really don’t wanna wake up earlier…. i mean, it’s only 1035pm and i’m already starting to worry about how “late” it is. i think i slept at around 11:10 last night.

parking story:
my name badge SUPPOSEDLY gives me access to parking. so i enter through the “contract parking” entrance, and nope. not allowed. *begin to panic* *sees that there is nobody behind me, so back out onto the main road. keep backing up a bit more. enter through the “visitors” entrance (which was before the contract entrance)* so then i swipe my badge at that machine. no dice. (lol, at first i typed “no ice” and then thought it sounded funny..) by this time, there are several cars behind me, waiting… so i try to push the button that spits out a parking ticket, except. my car is too far away and my arm doesn’t reach. *full-blown panic* i keep stretching a bit more, but nope. VERY far away, still. so then i open the door, but fumble a bit, so that takes a few seconds, half get out of my car, but my heel was slightly stuck, so it took even longer. and then FINALLY grabbed the ticket, got through the stupid barrier, and rushed to park.


after i emailed HR, they told me that they called the garage company and said i should be able to get in tomorrow. keyword: should. at least parking today was comped again. [silver linings]


work story:
my supposedly “easy” project isn’t done yet! i spent about 85% of my day inside my manager’s office, listening and watching as he explained to me how to find documents and how to build the report. so i’m grateful he’s pretty much doing it for me right now, but i thought it was supposed to be quick = the other new hire (L) and a contract worker acctant (M) both left at around 420pm. (we’re all 7-430 ppl now, i think. not sure about M). i…stayed in my manager’s office until about 520pm, and i think he finally let me go bc another person came in to report to him/present findings for something. he says we got through the bulk of it today though….*crossing fingers*
i took another hour to get home today. i think 90 is much quicker than 59. i’m just not sure if getting to 90 is worth the difference. used up a quarter tank already, and it’s only been 2 days!


lost story:
ugh. went to HR at about 520pm to get my comped ticket, and went to the wrong floor. whoops. luckily i found it on my second try. thennn when i went back on my floor, a lady went into the elevator (prob going home), so i smiled and said bye! and then i immediately proceeded to turn towards the door. except…i turned the wrong direction. and it’s not a hallway or anything, just a wall. or a door. so i had to turn back towards the door, and of course, lady-in-elevator saw the whole thing… oh well, i’m glad the people are nice, haha.
also, i decided to be “smart” and cut through the garage to the elevators. except…the elevators are in a separate room for the ground floor. so then i saw the dead end, turned back to where i came from, and yay. SIGH.


i have a hp comp now. well i guess it’s not mine. but still. and i’m still afraid to use the laptop to get online or do anything fun or check sports or whatnot. not that i have downtime right now. on my lunch break, i just stared at my phone haha. the manager from yesterday lunch (A) dropped by to chat for a bit..about my name, haha. it’s kinda weird, bc my cubicle neighbors now call me yan, but just last semester, people were calling me “wing”. guess i’m just flexible like that.


aw man. sleeping late again. almost 11pm =(
wasn’t too drained today though. but it’ll prob add up.


soooo difficult trying to figure out what to wear to work. hurry up, casual friday!


oh yeah, and i seriously have an intern mentality. keep wondering if they’ll let us go after they get through all the backed up work (which i don’t think so, but doesn’t stop that part of me from thinking about it), and i also never leave stuff out when i leave for the day. all my papers etc go in a drawer. and my cubicle is not decorated at all. i wouldn’t even know what to bring to decorate with. we’re also supposedly moving in 30-60 days, after they knock down and construct whatever it is they’re supposed to construct across the hall from the manager.


ok enough random work-related thoughts. OH yeah. i kinda learned most of the words to “glad you came” on the way home. i think i listened to the song on repeat for about 30-45min.their wordplay was kinda fun!