i apologize if i suddenly and completely disappear. manager approved hours of 7-430 daily (except on half days every other friday, 8-1130). while it’s cool that i’ll get decent parking and avoid most traffic, omgsh the hours. work at 7 = leave at ~615/20 = wake up ~545. which means i’m gonna have to sleep early, haha. let’s see.. 6 hrs = sleep at 1145 (omgsh so old!), more than 6 hrs = sleep anywhere from 10 to 1145….. 

lol, how am i gonna get in cpa studying?!


in one word, work = tiring.

for a more blurb-y recap of the day, as copy/pasted from some IM convos:

– there’s another new hire, same position as me, so kinda cool that we’re not on our own
her grandma works on the same floor, haha. diff department though
referals = bonus! i should refer ppl and pick up some extra $$
the other girl is prob older, married with a kid
– HR ppl are really nice
i guess ppl at the office in general are pretty nice, haha
it’s kinda quiet though
and as usual, i’m already confused
and i get lost really easily
– i have a project due by wed morning already!
hopefully its easy! or else i’ll end up working late…so soon =( 
– and i got lost going home today -_-
ended up going through hwy 90, which meant no traffic, but still. SIGH.
ohhh lunch
another manager (the other one who interviewed, though he’s not our manager) took us both out to lunch today
showed us the houston underground tunnels!
tunnel connects parking garage with office building, so that’s handy =)


this whole deciding what to wear thing is already getting tiring. bonus: casual fridays! =)
looking forward to holiday #1 already, good friday! April 6 =)

ok the end. goodnight. bye. 


ps sorry for not responding to texts etc. i really was super busy today..and it seems, for the foreseeable future……