okkk i haven’t written in over a week. whenever small blurbs popped up in my mind over the past two-three weeks, i would just jot them down on my phone (so handy dandy) to remind myself when i finally got in a blogging mood. but then i got sidetracked by the job stuff, so everything else got pushed aside to make room for that momentous few days.


anyway, since i’m finally starting tomorrow, i figured i might as well word vomit it up and get it over with. sorry, still not in a blogging mood, so all you’ll get are scattered thought fragments.
but first, what’s on my mind regarding tomorrow:
– sigh.
– beginning of no more fun…
– why is traffic bad?
– why are hours long/early?
– ok fine, i’ll benefit every other friday.
– ok ok so i get friday completely off in two weeks. thanks, Jesus =)
– how am i gonna figure out what to wear every day
– how do i figure out what to eat every day??
– what if it’s a trap and people are not nice and i dislike it very much…
– if only this were another college class and i could just skip
– should i be sleeping now? (9:44pm, fyi)
– sigh.
a lot of negatives hahah. whoops. i’m enjoying the whole “yay now i can tell people i have a job instead of i’m a bum” and “yay i’ll have some sort of income which means i’m def not a bum”, but i liked the past two weeks a lot, when i could tell people yup, i have a job now, but not starting until two weeks time 😉 best of both worlds! (tangent: this morning, the pastor at RPC mentioned the verse about how it’s impossible to serve two masters at once, either we love God or we love money. he said, “some people think they can have it all, they say they can have their cake and eat it too. but all they’re gonna be are fat! they’re just gonna be fatties!”, then, “yup, i made it up myself. just thought of it, right here in my head!” – haha, i like his humor, and how he’s cool with laughing at himself.)
so now, i’ll be waking up and leaving earlier, while coming home later, than my whole family….our worlds are turned upside down! haha.


next up on the list-
i found it funny that, whether individuals found out through texts, word of mouth, xanga, or facebook, i would find out that they found out (getting confused yet? go watch that Friends episode with Joey and “they know that we know that they know….etc” =) ) through texts. see it on fb? send a text to confirm. read about it on xanga? send a text to confirm. word on the street? text to confirm.
Haha, writing this reminded me of He’s Just Not That Into You (Drew Barrymore’s “I had a friend leave me a voicemail at work so I called him at home and then he e-mailed me to my Blackberry and so I texted to his cell and then he e-mailed me to my home account and the whole thing just got out of control” rant. I think that was one of my fav scenes/lines in that movie..)


wrapping it up!-
over the past 10 months, i’ve gone through many periods of staying offline- either off my computer completely, or invisible on gmail so that i didn’t gchat with anybody. or to reverse that, so that people would not gchat me. it’s not that i hated people or anything, i still kept somewhat social through..you guessed it…texts (haha). but sometimes i feel that a few lines of conversation is enough. if you have something to say, or if i have something to say, just say it. done deal. that way, nobody’s time is wasted waiting for replies, or in silence, trying desperately to come up with something so that we didn’t feel like our time was wasted. that’s actually why i prefer texting as my method of communication now, unless people are really good at sharing random events and keeping the convos going =P for the most part, i like phone calls best when there’s a point/reason behind it. like, hey i’m coming over now. or, hey i’m outside. or, what’s going on today? {reply} oh ok cool see ya then.
i guess i don’t mind longer sharing-y calls, but the phone eventually heats up and my ears hurt and i’m probably borderline ADHD enough that if you ramble on, i’ll just do something else while 80% listening. which isn’t bad. just not sure if that’s what yall want. i always feel like multi-tasking if my hands aren’t busy…also, extended bouts of silences drive me crazy! because i’m horrible at initiating ending calls/hanging up. whenever i try, it turns out the other person had something else to say! so i’d go, “ok talk to you later, bye!” after a short silence-filled break..right when they say “oh by the way…”
during the next phone call, i wait for the other person to say bye and hang up, but…they don’t. so we go through many seconds of silence before another topic comes up. before i finally have something to get to/do, and can honestly say “oh i gotta go now! bye!” ugh, phone calls.
preferred share-time: face to face/in small groups, like 3-5 people =)

oops, totally got off on a tangent rant. anyway, i was supposed to blog about how i don’t get on gchat as often now because sooner or later, the conversation turns towards me. what stories i have to tell, what’s going on in my life. and up until two weeks ago, i had zip. well ok, i could talk a little about my travels whenever i came back home – the fun exciting stuff. but that’s all….. and why? because while i had nothing the past 10 months, other people usually had one or two little things, or even big things, to talk about. so they’d talk and i’d listen. i talked to several people, and they talked, and i listened. unfortunately, when people talk, it’s about their personal lives. so here i am, collecting stories about people’s personal lives that i don’t know if i’m allowed to tell other people, and even if i am, they’re not my stories to tell! so i’m collecting stories, and eventually all that’s going on in my life are other people’s lives. so here comes someone else asking about my life, and i have nothing. except stuff that i don’t want to (or maybe even can’t) tell. endless cycle. and i get tired of telling different people the same things, which is where blogging comes in handy. i can go on and on all i want about random thoughts, when they pop into my head, and everyone can find out at the same time! good solution, i think. 

hopefully that all made sense.

now yall know why i’m so boring…


maybe i’ll have lots of on-the-job stories to tell, and my life will get more interesting!
or maybe i’ll just be a reallllly tired old fogey/hermit.

anyone wanna make a bet? =)


anyway, i should sleep soon. day 1 tomorrow. goodnight!