As spring break 2012/year 22 winds down, I’m watching the spurs try to stage a comeback against the mavs in Dallas (61-70, 3:06 in 3rd qtr).
Would make my night if they end up winning, but they’ve done well this year, and I’m happy already πŸ™‚

Was able to hang out and catch up with a lot of people over the past couple of days (with CERTAIN exceptions, ahem). But yay for fun/general/long/random group convos, my fav! Looking forward to more of these in the near future, haha. we should do that more often instead of just eating out all the time… Even though there are some periods of silence, thoughts and words flow eventually, and can last for awhile. Everything in waves..

Also played a lot of mahjong, watched tv/movies, and ate with the family. We eat out a lot, watch tv/movies whenever there’s time, but don’t get to play together as much, just bc dad’s been traveling a lot recently, and my sis is just too busy. Played chinese checkers with the sis, and taught her a little about thinking through moves, etc. She randomly asked me about public school…but I’m sure she’ll be fine. I alsooo made myself play with her friend who came over two separate days.. don’t wanna be “the rude/mean sister of yc”, so I played some wii with the kiddos.

Part of me doesn’t wanna turn older yet again. Yeah, I feel like it’s just another day, just a number, but at the same’s a bit weird. No more school to hide behind, a future of work and settling down, whatever that looks like. Being responsible. Looking at things 5-10years down the line, bc time really does fly by that fast. I don’t think I’d mind reliving this year, being 22 haha. Only tweak: that I had looked 22 instead of, say, 16…

Spurs now down 74-82, 9min left in the game…

Goals: to keep up with ppl over the year, to branch out and get to know a few more ppl without losing touch with current friends πŸ™‚ kinda sad to think that ppl are heading away from here while I’m kinda staying here for the forseeable future (if I get past the evaluation period), but life works out, in the best way possible.

Actually, I think I’m technically a year older now, by Singapore times….but! 2 more hours of 22 (cst), 7 more hours of pre-working life…. Curious as to what the year will bring!

86-94, 3:49 left