as part of my long-awaited room-cleaning that has been taking place over the past week, i finally gathered all my cards and letters, sorted them, and organized them in one drawer.

of course, while sorting, i pulled out each card, opened every letter, and read through them. oh man, the memories… 


makes me sad wistful, that the close friends i’ve had through the years are not necessarily my close friends still. wistful, that i haven’t added on, but rather, replaced. but that’s life. and looking over each message from the people who were a significant part of my life – i am, and have always been, utterly blessed by God. yes, for comfortable circumstances, but mostly for all the amazing people. so many of them.
if only everyone who’s ever subscribed to this xanga could read this post…but regardless, i hope they know they are blessings from God =) 


i’m 98.8% certain that i’m missing some letters – especially from my grandma from back when i was in first grade or so – but i still enjoyed them all, oldest – a letter from a friend in singapore about 16 years ago – to most current: my sister’s valentine’s day card last month haha. course, there were also christmas cards and many birthday messages ranging from my 12th to 22nd haha. and looking forward to adding a couple more in a few weeks! ack, i’m so old =(