swapped rooms for my sis for awhile. now it’s feeling kinda like the college life again, sitting at a desk/table, on my computer….

staring out a window, where i can’t tell if it’s a bird or a kite/model flying around? there’s something on the “wing”, and it doesn’t flap its wings at all, so i’m leaning towards it being a high-tech model. but then again i don’t see anyone around…. oops, i just stuck my face in the window to see a lady walking along the path. good thing she wasn’t looking at me! awkward moment avoided.

hrm, the fake bird thing is gone now…ohwell.

more random blurbs:

i like listening, more than talking i think? but sometimes after listening awhile i might have some comments of my own. and then it gets frustrating when it seems like they’re not being heard…like, when is it my turn? so then i just keep quiet and continue to listen, because, well, why bother? easier to blog anyway – uninterrupted stream of consciousness haha. i figure, i’ll get to know people by listening to them, and they can get to know me by reading about it =)
if they don’t read, then…..not my fault!


i should start two businesses. one for editing papers/etc and writing complaints/other formalish letters, and the other for writing/making excuses. i think i’m decent at both, and who knows? maybe i’ll end up writing a complaint letter and answering it myself. easy peasy. now to find individuals and companies to hire me…..


finally updated my resume! half a year late. and scheduled one section for mid-april, sigh.


let’s rewind time and have me be a world traveler again, right out of college =)


oh yes, spurs lost last night to the bulls…it was a tight game till the end, though! #let‘sgospurs!