i’ve been reading a lot of books. well, since i’m a professional bum for now, most of my days are filled with basketball stats and reading.

admission: i have a somewhat strange habit when it comes to reading. i tend to start numerous books and continue each one whenever i’m in the mood for that genre/specific book. depending on how long i’m “feeling” it, i’ll eventually finish the books. of course, if i lose interest in something, it gets set aside for a lengthy period of time, and maybe some day in the not-so-distant future i’ll get back to it. maybe when i’m more mature (is what i said to myself after starting all those classics). if you borrow any of my books and find random bookmarks in them..well, now you know why!

*i also have a bad habit, picked up in the previous two to three years (i blame the brownsville library), where I start skimming and flipping through the rest of the novel during a slow part. if the plot is exciting or agreeable to me, i either start reading that section and continue on, or skim until the end, and return to the place i stopped. and read the whole thing for real. = i don’t like spoiling things for myself, but this started when i was back in brownsville for a little over a month, when i started going back to the library again to borrow books. i would borrow tons at a time, because i wanted variety – and i didn’t want others to take the books i wanted. and then i wouldn’t have enough time to finish them all. so then i would skim, pick the ones whose endings i enjoyed the most, and read them. i’ve become one of “those” people..


“anytime reads” (read them many times, but don’t always finish when i start, just because i can pick them up whenever)
– Firefly Lane (Kristin Hannah) – first book i recommend to female readers (either college and higher or maybe late high school, because i don’t think younger would appreciate it..) #1 favorite book (hp series is fav series =P)
– Comfort Food (Kate Jacobs) – KJ’s more known for Friday Night Knitting Club series, but this was the first of her books i read, and it’s my fav comfort read haha.
– Playing for Pizza (John Grisham) – sports fiction
– Rise and Shine (Anna Quindlen) – more for females; about relationship between two sisters

young adults:
– just finished the Epic series (by Conor Kostick: Epic, Saga, Edda) – I recommend! ..for people who like young adult science fiction-types. the first book, epic, is a fun read, about a population whose lives revolve around a game world – how wealthy they are, what resources they get, trials and justice. it’s one of the few these days that pretty much kept my undivided attention, and i’ve read it about 2-3 times already in the past year haha. the other two are also pretty good, but i like epic best =)

– also finished Scorpia Rising (by Anthony Horowitz; the final book in the Alex Rider series). In case it isn’t obvious by now, I like reading young adult series. You get to follow a hero or heroine throughout multiple stories! what’s not to like? you’ve already invested some of your emotions into the characters when you read the first book, might as well keep going.. as usual, it didn’t disappoint. alex rider is a young teen James Bond- type.

– and finished Necropolis (again, Horowitz; 4th book in Gatekeeper series). forgot i had already borrowed it from the library a few years back haha. but still good.

– currently reading I am Number Four (by Pittacus Lore; Lorien Legacies series). The premise of the movie was interesting, though the movie itself kinda annoyed me..book so far is exciting, though i’m only at the mid-beginning. or maybe beginning of the middle, haha. not sure if i’ll continue to read the rest of the series, though, since i’m in a “real life” stage now, which means..

– currently reading Seriously…I’m Kidding (by Ellen Degeneres) – LOVE how she blends humor with the serious. well, serious as in life topics, not politics or world disasters necessarily

– currently reading The Book of AWESOME (by Neil Pasricha). didn’t know this book existed (or the website it stemmed from, 1000awesomethings.com) until i browsed through barnes&noble to look for books to buy (i thought the “buy 1, get 1 for 50% off” or “buy 2 get 1 free” offers were solid, until i compared prices and final costs), and found this as a best-seller. so thanks, b&n, for introducing this book that i ended up buying through amazon!

examples of AWESOME: illegal naps; when you get the milk-to-cereal ratio just right; high-fiving babies; when you’re awkwardly standing by yourself with a full cafeteria tray of food and then suddenlyspot your friend waving at you; tripping and realizing nobody saw you; finding your keys after looking forever; bakery air 🙂

– in my current reads pile but haven’t started – Heaven is for Real (Todd Burpo) and The 5 Love Languages (Gary Chapman).
There are also several more books i have under “saved for later” in amazon (and b&n)…maybe after reading all these current books i’ll move on to a new genre/stage of books, or maybe i’ll end up buying those as well. Only time will tell!


after watching part of last night’s SAG (Screen Actor Guilds) Awards, i’m regretting (a little) not buying “The Help” to read…but i’ve never really been into racial novels..i admit, though, that once i start reading those popular bestsellers, i see them through the end and admit they’re pretty darn good. still not books i’d pick up randomly to read…. maybe they’re too intense for me? 

dresses and dressing up and all that stuff………..eh. why are events “black-tie affairs”? why couldn’t we just all wear the same things…make life easier. spread equality! =) too communist? sorry.
looking forward to events coming up in 2012, just not..the fancy aspects hahah. 


^a new post, as requested…happy now? =P