How going on tour has brainwashed us:
-When we woke up from naps on the plane ride home, my sis and I both heard the tour director’s voice speaking some of her more common phrases such as, ”now in just a few moments” & ” good morning everybody, how was your evening?”
-My sister choosing layers upon layers for her first day of school, because my mom mentioned it would be cold (but by Houston standards) – when she listed out all the inside/outside/long/short layers, mom replied, “where do you think you are going to school tomorrow, Switzerland?!?!”

Good news: withdrawal symptoms have lessened a bit, maybe leaving so often within the past year or so is slowly helping me to get used to the many goodbyes. Maybe.
facebook and email help, too 🙂 make goodbyes less final.

still need to organize photos to create one or two albums on fb…so far only two people have posted photos of the tour. Whether it’s because they’re still on vacation and traveling or because they aren’t planning on posting pics remains to be seen. Sure hope it’s the former though!

And maybe I’ll fill up an album with photos from the past much has happened. Mainly in the past 7months, but the first half was fun, too. Especially the road trip/hangouts and many playtimes. Best 🙂

Quick recap: 2011: got to know sg ppl, tax volunteering & negotiations = met more acctg ppl, trips to dallas & home + visitors to atx to play, camping, graduated, bo ai 4th round, shanghai, hk, sg, uk (london-wicked, HP7.2!!, coventry, edinburgh), montreal, 2mo in hk (got to meet ppl in HK from interning and church, Macau, talked more with hk relatives), atx/lubbock trip, EUROPE TOUR!! (London, Dover&Calais ports, Brussels, Rhine River, Wurzburg, Nuremberg, Prague, Vienna, Lake Worthersee, Venice, Assisi, Rome, Vatican City, Florence, Lugano, Lucern, Paris), met a lot of cool people 🙂

it’s 2012. dad and I started it feeling a little under the weather, but there are 361 days remaining (leap year!). let’s see what happens this round.