When I drove home late afternoon yesterday, I noticed the brilliant orange of the setting sun. Not too shabby, but the view kept getting blocked by the many trees and houses and other buildings along the way. Oh, suburbs. I definitely flashbacked to the many sunrises and sunsets we witnessed during our coach rides across europe, where there were hardly any buildings obscurring the amazing sights. Maybe a majestic mountain or two. But those only enhance the sense of awe :p

Why do I get so easily attached and take so long to move on? It makes me feel like my life should be that of a nomad, never having a permanent home to return to, just so I won’t have time to dwell on who and what I’m leaving behind, but instead moving forward every moment of the way. New people, new faces…I’d have to put all my energy into getting to know them and thus won’t have to be nostalgic and reminisce like a sap.

Anyway, I’m currently experiencing tour people withdrawal. We joked in the last few days about reuniting for another tour one day, with the same exact people haha (tour director and driver included). Not that it would happen, but it’s nice to dream. And maybe some of our paths will meet again one day, by “coincidence” or through planning.

It’s also a bit of a letdown coming back home bc home is kinda boring. And we’re hardly outdoors, unlike the constant movement and explorations of a new city per day on the tour. not that theres anything to do outdoors around here…so if I’m constantly sighing and looking off into space, well, apologies in advance.