Lol we got to know the Korean family a little better today..mainly bc our two families have two daughters each, both youngest girls 10yrs old. And sad to say, I’ve concluded that 10yr old girls in general are sporty and violent. Which makes them scary. But they have their cute moments…

whenever the 10yr old would speak to her sister or parents in a stream of Korean, she would pause after ~30 sec, turn to me and my sis, mumble, ”don’t worry, its Korean”, and continue talking hahah

Anyway, now I can see why people assume i’m 16. When our tour group ate dinner together earlier tonight, our two families sat together (table was for 8 ppl), and I played cards with the two 10yr olds +12yr old instead of conversing with the adults…some of the girls around my age (mid 20s) sat at the table in front of us and chuckled when they saw us clearing the table to play..sigh.

Then they came to our room (we somehow lucked out and got a spacious two double beds room,end my sis refused to swap with my parents and their single double bed) to continue playing..its hard to remember that the 12yr old is not 16 haha, when she suggested playing zombie in the dark,I foolishly went along with it until her sister injured her arm already in a cast..hopefully she’s ok, but she was in serious pain for a minute or so..thrn I put my foot down (finally) and said no more in the dark games and made everyone sleep at 11…sigh.

Hopefully I’ll hang out with my age ppl tmrw to make up for this :p

Mom’s bday in 1 min! (Italy time)