If only I took pics on my phone instead if just the camera…for the few moments I find wifi haha.I think I found a new profile pic!

From yesterday:
Started the day by oversleeping (4hr nap turned into 8/9hr sleep). Then as I was zipping up my bag after last minute packing,i broke one of the main zippers.so my mom helped me turn it ghetto but workable by using wire and ribbon. Hahah. Then got partly carsick bc I kept texting in the car..my fault!

Actual trip started by grabbing some food before boarding, during which my sister graciously tipped over some soup in front of me. Luckily I scooted back in time and it only splashed my hand a bit.

Sat in the middle seat in the bulkhead row between mom and sis (stewardess claimed we would arrive in a little less than 7hrs but she was not very accurate..) As I settled in to watch my first movie of the flight (crazy stupid love), the drinks cart rolled up. Sis got apple juice while my mom and I got orange. To give herself more space, my mom stuck her drink on my tray….and promptly spilled it on my tray…and me -_- I guess she thought since my sis didn’t get me, she would give it a go.. My boots were slightly wet, as were highly inconvenient parts of my jeans, the seat, and a spot in the floor. Sigh.

Hotel’s decent (sharing a room with the sis..no world war 3 thus far!) we found internet by using Starbucks’ free wifi while we ate next door haha, walked regent street (sis bought stuff from hamleys toy store) and watched Shrek the musical 🙂 unfortunately,I kept dozing off haha.end was good though! and then sis zonked out right after..but we grabbed some stuff from m&s +tesco! Ate at a Chinese restaurant bc parents wanted to relive old memories (and I mean old..they keep thinking they know routes etc but um..no. I’m glad I visited over the summer and got some experience haha)

Anyway, called it an early night and went back to the hotel after dinner..hoping future days will be more exciting and less mellow! If I wanted mellow I could’ve just stayed at home…

16 days!

..dang it, updating xanga on the phone means I can’t take away the comments part…….

Oh yeah, hotel breakfast isnt too shabby 🙂

Parents pointed out that most ppl in England don’t take out their phones whole eating.instead, they enjoy the company if the people they’re with. On the flip side, here we are at mcd’s again, each staring at a phone….

early bus ride tmrw to the river, where we’re taking a boat to Germany!