i’ve been sleeping pretty late these past couple of days. i’m gonna go ahead and point the finger at you, (g)nats. well, and the nba.

this weekend has been relatively “busy”, considering my sister had no soccer games or tournaments. 

i spent most of yesterday helping my sister with her diorama (creating a scene from “a christmas carol” in a shoebox). she wanted to use clay for everything, but i persuaded her to use some cardboard as well. can i just say that i really dislike clay? more specifically, the hard modeling clay type that takes forever to wash off, and not the children’s play modeling stuff that hardens into bouncy rubber after exposure to air. it felt like i had a lot of the adhesive stuff from scotch tape all around my fingers. disgusting. and whenever i rubbed stuff off with one finger, that finger would end up dirtier than before. neverending cycle!

and then i brought her to fbcc’s children’s musical, which was more entertaining than i thought it would be! =)

although i find it awkward greeting and talking to people involved at church who don’t know i’m trying new churches. when i talk to them, i’m hoping we move on to new people before the topic comes up. someone thought i was in grad school because they hadn’t seen me around, so i quickly corrected them and then said something about finding my sister before they could say something along the lines of “oh, i haven’t seen you around lately..?” for inexplicable reasons, i’m finding it easier to tell people i’m “just bumming” than “oh i’m trying new churches”. maybe because i can make a joke of the first statement – and i’m getting more used to telling people that lately (-> uh oh. big danger sign right there..not something i should be getting comfortable with…)


then i spent today looking up fantasy bball articles, draft guides, position primers, and player updates before the actual draft earlier tonight. adrenaline-filled as usual. i’m pretty sure i could have done better, but at the same time i’m excited for the possibilities. it’s too bad i won’t get to enjoy the team and find hidden gems on the waiver wire until the new year…..and by then i’m assuming all the good wire picks will have gotten scooped up already. oh well. i’m hoping my rooks exceed expectations!

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things to do:
-get more “grown up” clothes
-look up stuff online

i’m reading orson scott card’s “pathfinder” right now, about a boy who sees people’s past paths, another boy who manipulates a person’s sense of time-speed, and a girl who moves slow enough that she effectively becomes invisible while moving. or something like that. it’s all about manipulating time and space.
what i’m saying is, i wish they could manipulate my sense of time and space and give me more time to finish all these things before the new year.


then again, it’s nothing to complain about =)