the nba is finally officially back in session! time for teams to move players like crazy. draft is coming up in a couple of days, but i have no clue who’s still in the league for the season, let alone specific players on each team…there were a bajillion trades towards the latter half of last season, overseas rookies and veterans, and signings and more trades coming up. how in the world am i going to field a decent team at this rate? oh yeah, 66 games in 4 months….no old vets i guess. this is gonna be a whirlwind of a season.

while i’m glad cp3 isn’t on the lakers, it’s somewhat strange having stern step in to veto the trade. what else is he going to veto in the future? i guess i should read more articles before judging, but that’s just a first impression…the nba is going to end up ncaaf 2.0, except instead of having superconferences, they’ll have superteams. in the future, maybe the league will kick out 20 teams and just have all-star games every game.


in other entertainment news..

i was emotionally pained last week (no joke) when drew (14, seems much older bc she sang slow ballads, unique voice) ended up in the bottom 2 for the x-factor. once she hit the bottom 2, 90% of my mind was prepared for her exit, bc the judges consistently criticized her lack of variety. she was the one contestant whom fans loved, but judges, well..not so much. i’ll prob buy her first album just as support..she reminds me of tswift in a way, maybe bc they’re both young and blond and somewhat soft-spoken. and they both talked about being made fun of or made to feel like losers in the past. anyway, as paula and nicole both voted to send her off the show, i was upset that they didn’t let it go to a deadlock, aka audience vote. i assumed she would have received more votes than marcus, who also seems like a really nice guy. and maybe i was biased, but i really did think she had a better voice overall (and overall performance/consistency was their determining measure for voting in the previous weeks). i could hear that she missed the key change (which she admitted to in interviews) in the save-me song bc of nerves, but marcus just sounded kinda screechy. but my mom called it “passionate singing” and not out-of-tune pitchiness. so i can’t tell. but whatever, she was voted off bc nicole and paula said marcus touched them with his singing, he was that passionate.


this week, marcus made the bottom 2 for the third week in a row. vs rachel crow, the 13 yr old power-voice. actually, i feel bad for contestants bc they’re all good friends, but they want to win, so it hurts when friends go home, but they can’t possibly want to go home either. but that’s a tangent. both sang well in their save songs, but rachel just showcased her voice, her range, her emotion. omgsh, it was like she channeled melanie (the other girl contestant with a SUPER voice). when voting came, simon and la reid voted for their own contestants (no surprise, though reid kept saying he was principled and went with..the lesser singer? *shrug* maybe he meant to say loyal), paula rightfully voted against marcus bc she was more moved by rachel, and nicole cried when it was her turn. rachel had to console her by saying “it’s ok, you can vote either way, i’m ok with it” so nicole, (i’m assuming to avoid a deja vu of last week’s situation – nicole and paula received death treats from psycho drew fans), took the easy way out and sent it to a deadlock. anyway, i’m sure the whole world – nicole, rachel, and myself included – believed rachel was through. but in a shocker announcement, rachel apparently had the lowest votes. i actually yelled in shock at the tv, while the screen panned to nicole, who crumpled into a crying mess after a split-second shocked expression. maybe she was afraid she’d get double the death threats plus a notice from simon to find a new job next season. i feel bad for her, since it seems she truly thought her deadlock vote would have sent rachel through without her being the “evil vote” again, but when it comes down to it, this was the opposite of her “rationalization” for last week’s decision. way to go nicole…. time to hire increased security!


how is it so easy to become emotionally attached to strangers on tv?! this is what happens when i’m a professional bum…


my friends and i have also agreed that i’m sadly not longer sociable, due to a lack of computer use and gchatting, which was my main portal for getting to know people better and keeping up with everyone…


the only good thing is that i have unlimited texting, which helps (but just barely)


ah well, time to clean my room and pack yet again.


on my schedule: europe for christmas, and potentially grammy’s in feb!
i’m seriously blessed. but majorly lazy. can someone please shine a mirror deep into my soul so i can finally see what i have a passion for?