so it turns out life at home is absolutely boring, and as such there are no updates or thoughts worthy of blogging


i kinda wanna do a texas roadtrip. well, a visit people roadtrip, to be more exact. people in atx, dallas, and yes, even that lone person all the way in lubbock… but i’m only willing to do it if i can find places to stay and someone to travel’d be fun to make a eastern trip too, for pennsylvania and ny haha. but those places aren’t driving distance, so……even less likely =P
part of me kinda wants to go back to asia soon, so i can get re-connected with the ppl there. but a more pessimistic/realistic side of me is mumbling insistently that based on past experience, in a few months time, we’ll all have lost contact, so there’ll be nobody left to catch up with. starting over again. hrm.

nice to dream though


still procrastinating….
i feel like this would my epitaph ( maybe if i’m supposed to die on a specfic day, but i manage to drag it out a few more… i’ll get them to inscribe “procrastinator till the very end…”

too morbid? sorry.