more totally unrelated thoughts:

i really like the word “expound”. sounds fancy.

even the worst place ever with friends/friendly acquaintances would be better than a great place without any.

i feel like i’ve been saying “goodbye” to someone/people everyday this past week. it’s not very fun… then again, i have “letting go” issues and must learn to move on and be less clingy/stuck in the past. more dependent on God! after all, i’ll never have to say goodbye to Him =)

i’ve noticed a lot of same-gendered girls holding hands and/or feeding each other around the park on sundays. usually one is stockier, has shorter hair, and baggier clothes. part of me doesn’t want to assume anything, bc, aside from the hair, (and the holding hands/feeding..) that could be me. but another part of me can’t help but wonder, these girls are mostly here tending to families. they only get out about once a week, when they all gather around the park and similar public areas. does this happen because there are no guys around with whom they can relate? because they’re far away from home?
then again, my assumptions have been known to be way off base, and this could simply be their way of simple friendships. after all, i do know some friends who are more uncomfortably touchy than others. i draw the line at feeding though. that’s just weird. i have my own hands, thank you very much. only my mom (and once in a blue moon, sister) pop food in my mouth, out of convenience.

the peak isn’t as fancy as i had built it up to be. maybe it was the haze in the air, but the nighttime view from up top wasn’t super spectacular either…hk needs more lights. like the casino ones in vegas/macau hahah. but i’m glad i went once, just to say i’ve been!

cantonese is a must in macau. went into many many many casinos. only got carded 2 or 3 times, i blame my travel buddy bc they would always look and ask him for id first. sigh. learned to play slot machines! spent HKD30. one casino girl (walking around) was really cool and told me to hold on to my HKD10 bill bc it was out of print and everyone was keeping theirs now. i spent less in macau than i did on the ferry tickets >.> kinda regretting not buying/playing more now haha. i think i’d wanna go again, but this time with someone who knows the place (where to go/etc). and maybe someone who enjoys gambling (but knows their limits) – it’d be fun to watch and maybe play along for a bit..there were a lot of games that just looked confusing…


all-nighter for packing? wonder if i’d be able to do that here in hk without pissing off the relatives. and getting lectured right before i leave…


PLEASE PRAY THAT I DONT GET SUPERBORED ON THE PLANE. gracias. and no, i don’t mean i want an awkwardly and annoyingly chatty seatmate.


see yall soon.


i’m back in time for gossip girl premiere, but i haven’t finished watching the previous season =(
and all other shows that i watch have premiered already, i think. aiya talk about bad timing..


not looking forward to getting readjusted to home + studying for cpa + looking for a job. fun fun.