1. i highly dislike saying goodbyes, but God’s timing will always be perfect and i just have to trust in that

2. i finished my work today! at about 430. since i’m pretty much only working half a day tomorrow (afternoon is for admin/clean up stuff), both supervisors said they didn’t have anything for me. unfortunately, i asked my aunt, and she thought for just a moment before pulling out a stack of papers haha. oh well. the end is very much in sight..

3. these few days (between now and flying home) seem so busy! and kinda stressful…rawr.

4. nice people make me happy. and smiles in my general direction really do uplift my spirits haha. i think i’m just too paranoid/self conscious..

ok gotta go bye!


ps. sorry if i haven’t replied to your email…i keep telling myself i will, but time just goes by really quickly =