during my extremely brief debriefing session this morning, i received positive feedback (hard worker – nothing new haha. i work hard for like 2 months at a time….; asks questions – very new, dunno if it’s because i was encouraged to ask everytime i said something along the lines of “sorry to keep asking”, or bc i’ve finally learned my lesson from not asking previously). when asked if i had any questions or comments, i asked if there were any suggestions for improvement (first time asking, but i’ve always wanted to know).

in return, i was told “hm, nothing i’ve heard from the work aspect, everything was good…. but you need to sleep earlier, it’s not good for your health.”


oh sigh. pros and cons of working in the same place as the aunt.

i’d say, workable for temporary purposes, but permanent, not so much.


but yes, i’ve been sleeping around 2-4am for the past week… it’s ok, i’ll just catch up on the 13 hr (+4more) plane ride  waiting just around the corner.


i’ve missed:
– driving
– tv shows!!
– ok fine, the people =)


i’ll miss:
– walking
– procrastinating on growing up/real world
– people


uneasy feeling of the day: that while i’ve been away from home (thus stuck in time from when i left, in a way), everyone else has moved on. how am i to catch up….?