3 peeves about hk (though i realize this could just as well apply to all of asia)-
– people here never open the door bigger or longer than they need it. i mean come on, how long would it take to swing it a little wider so it doesn’t close as quickly so the person behind can slip through too? that’s not even holding the door for them… so when i actually hold the door open for people, they all look at me strangely. hope they’re a little happier haha. pay it forward maybe? i feel like a guy though…

– i think this is definitely an asian thing… but everytime i’m out, i look around and people watch while walking or waiting or riding public transportation – and nobody smiles! are asian faces just automatically frowny? because i know people back home have complained about some asian people (myself included) looking mad or i guess not happy all the time. even if it’s not true. anyway, this results in a semi-hostile environment haha. i’ve been trying to smile randomly more often so i’m not a hypocrite, but it’s hard to remember! and i think my face is automatically expressionless or frowny too..

– even 2 steps from escalator, people must cut in front of each other. just to stand one escalator step in front. um, why? i understand if you’re rushing and walk up the left side, but not if you just stand and wait on the right side with everyone else… OH and the same applies for getting on the mtr. is there a reason for cutting in front of me when i’m the only one in line and there’s nobody behind me..it’s not like the door will close on you -_- sigh.

admission: i’ve been leaving later to play music aloud and sing along in the room (grandparents are out taichi-ing or yum cha-ing, uncle hasn’t woken up, aunt has left). it’s the closest i’ll get to singing in the car..until 1.5 weeks later =)

ncaaf has started, nfl starting…nba still negotiating. come onnnn get your acts together please!

no people around = boringggg
^actually, i wrote that last week, but it’s been better than i thought it would be! my supervisors are willing to stoop to my lowly level and chat with me from time to time, and they reply to my bothersome emails too haha. i feel bad about using up their time though… but happy that they’re being nice and accomodating. maybe they think it’s bc this will only be for a few days more, and then they’ll be free and back to their normal lives again haha. oh wellll


also, one of the many SVPs sits in an office across from my cubicle, and since the season’s started he’s been chatting to me about NFL games and how he’s had a 75% game-picking accuracy on some fb game with his friends. maybe i should read up on the NFL a little more, instead of spending all my news-reading time on the NBA and the longhorns haha. i didn’t even know cowboys lost pretty last minute to the jets on 9/11, though i figured something had happened from the many status updates haha.


macau on the 24th? maybe..