travelators usually have two “lanes” – one for the standers, and one for the walkers. there’s no such thing in hong kong. instead, travelators are just another path, and standers make awkward islands blocking the way. i guess they make it more like an obstacle course. the current is just too strong here…
additionally, the short distance between travelators and escalators are actually gaps of opportunity – to run and jockey your position and hopefully end up two spots in front of where you started.

in america, this is where i point and laugh when the car that just cut in front of me ends up waiting at the same red light 50 feet away.


i took the mtr again this morning. when the doors opened, nobody stepped out, so i began to step on (there were 2 of us waiting to get on, and about 2-3 people’s worth of space to squeeze into – perfect, right?). when i got one leg in, however, this old lady (probably in her 60s), rushes in next to me, shoving me aside, and taking that 2nd person’s space. i dangled in between the gap for a few awkward seconds, before finally stepping up and forcing everyone else to squeeze tighter together. mind the gap, indeed.
thanks very much, old lady. hk elderly are fierce…


i guess i’ll just post my big post in small chunks, makes life easier =)

part 1-
*update to previous post:
i’ve been asking some other people about the whole “washroom” + “nap” thing, and apparently it IS common knowledge in the hk culture! odd. but they say it makes sense bc there are no other places to nap if needed. unless you’re like one guy, who booked a meeting room, locked the door, and sprawled out to catch a few winks. as the story goes, a group of people who actually had a meeting knocked on the door, but the guy was like “i booked the room, go find another place.”

– i don’t think it’s something i’ll try anytime soon, though.


p.s. i got my official payday email two evenings ago! yay =)