i think my pants are too smooth, kept sliding on the bus seat today =(


yesterday, i went to bother another intern since someone was updating my computer. i told her how i was SO incredibly tired the whole day, but especially after lunch, so i’ve been working really slowly. in response, she told me to go to the washroom and take a nap, which is what she had done just earlier (no wonder she disappeared for awhile haha i thought she left the building or something)

while leaving, i ran into a full-timer, and she asked how my day had been. i told her that i had been sleepy the whole day, which was why i was leaving at 608ish instead of after 630 like i usually do. too tired to stay later today. in response, she told me to go to the washroom too! well she also said i could get drinks or mix drinks, but she returned back to her washroom statement at the end.


is this a hk thing? i’m so confused. so when i see people walking by my cubicle to the pantry and not coming back until much later, should i assume that they’re all in the washroom taking naps?? no wonder the cubicles are all occupied sometimes…




in other news, that girl who peed on the sidewalk yesterday as her parents stood by chatting – disgusting.