dang, i had to scroll for about 8min just to get to my last protected post. may 2008. it’s been awhile.

guess i’ve just gotten more public =)


i’ve been trying to analyze my thoughts these past couple days. the book i read said we have 20,000 thoughts a day? or maybe it was 3,000. i’ve never been good at remembering the specifics. regardless. we have a lot of thoughts everyday. so i wanted to see what mine were.


38% songs/melodies
17% what’s going on in the moment
22% tangent scenarios (something happens, and i start thinking of scenarios in which something was a little different, and going off from there)
23% thoughts in the form of blog posts and captions in my head (when i see things around me, or when i think about random things as a result of the situation/place around)


what do YOU think about?