left the apt this morning around 7:35. timing was good, and didn’t have to wait long until the bus arrived. bus driver drove like he was racing, and stepped off the bus at 8 sharp. got into the office around 8:10.

earliest. ever.


and yet as i type this, it’s 8:51am and work is about to start. where does time go? how is it so easy to waste?
oh the mysteries of life…


recap of the workday yesterday (minus work)-
1. got asked to go to macau for saturday, which i was pretty excited about, but then the trip was canceled bc of visa issues. oh well, if it’s meant to be, it’ll happen. trust in God’s timing haha
[refer to: other examples of God’s timing- “work breaks” + “plus group”]
^ sorry, maybe i’ll wax poetic about these other items another day. but i just wanted to remember for myself haha.

2. ate lunch w/ the acctg dept (the 3 interns and 3 managers ate together last week as a “welcome” for me- they’ve eaten together every time a new intern shows up, but yesterday was with the 2 higher-ups (still unsure of what their positions are, whoops) and the department secretary. so 9 total.) they made us interns sit separately though, so the head of dept was sitting in between me and the other girl intern haha. convos were alright…a little accounting related. but then towards the end we moved on to movies…so that was fun =) i guess i should practice my cantonese more now that i have the opportunity…

3. end of the workday was interesting. my manager/supervisor walked by as she usually does, around 615, but instead of asking if i was going home yet and making a comment on how i’m staying late (i usually stay until 630), she asked if i was waiting for my aunt. i feel like i’ve been floating around and someone just made a small hole in my bubble haha. the air is starting to leak out! but oh well, the first game was keeping from others that we’re related, but not trying to lie/mislead them..just not proclaim it. now the new game seems to be finding out how they found out. where the grapevine’s roots are haha. mystery game!


oops, 9:03. bye!


as an update to a previous post. “fat-free” milk here tastes like in singapore. “skim” milk tastes like 2% in the US. interesting.