lol my footprints blew up this past week. maybe bc i started giving out the link to more people? easier to just update on xanga so people can keep up with me, rather than telling everyone one at a time (if i get around to them.. =P)


anyway, have i mentioned that i reallllly despise mosquitoes? why would God create them? they just land on you, suck out bits of blood, and leave you itchy and bumpy. ugh. i counted a few days ago, and i had like 11 bites each on my left arm and leg, and around 6 each on my right arm and leg. but over the past few days, i’ve collected more! from on my midsection to my neck, to more on my arms and legs! wtheck. they even find different places to bite, right next to previous bites! ugh. the only “silver lining” is that rather than humongo bumps, their toxin is minimal (or dies down quickly), and i only have dots and small bumps all over me. sigh.

also, i’m kinda amazed at how everyone’s skin in hk is so smooth. what’s the secret? they don’t even look like they have makeup on covering blemishes or whatnot. it’s just..natural.


something random: hk tv shows a lot of dubbed kdramas. i’ve been more exposed to various korean tv shows here than ever before. and that’s with korean obsessed friends and ex-roommates back home! i don’t watch tv here, but my relatives do.. i find it funny that the tv stations even change theme songs to cantonese songs. i wonder if the songs are created just for the show (or like a translation of the original korean theme songs), or if they just pick up a random song that fits the show.
one kinda nice thing about tv in asia is that shows are usually on M-F (or in this case, M-Th + Sat..strangely), instead of just once a week. that way, you can finish a whole season in a few weeks. but i think these are stand-alone dramas, instead of US tv where everything is in seasons – and continues on until demand dies down..


starting to meet and get to know other interns…when they’re about to leave -_-
i get along pretty well with this Russian girl (who goes to school in the UK), since we’re the only ones who don’t speak cantonese at work. well, i kinda had to during lunch one day, because my manager started talking to me in cantonese, and i kinda want to speak to people in cantonese outside of “working” so they feel more comfortable talking to me (it’s kinda awkward bc they have to consciously switch languages and i think that deters them from talking as much to me, since it’s easier to just speak what they’re used to with the other people around) – but now i dunno how to make the switch…

in other news, the hk grapevine is ridic. i met this half german/half cantonese intern for the first time at lunch on fri, and he already knew i was born in singapore, live in texas, and speak “only” english. wtheck? i wonder what else they’ve said about me..whoever “they” are.. oh well. just work hard, play nice, and whatever happens, happens.


my grandpa brought out a lot of his old photo albums yesterday night =) i spent quite awhile looking through my parents’ wedding and pics from when i was a baby and around 3-4 yrs old haha. i looked like a realllly cute..boy.


sorry for not getting online more nowadays, i’m reading at night, sleeping around 1130 (or falling asleep reading sometime between 11-1am)…so online during non-work hours while at work it is!


i wish i did things a little faster. but still with the same level of carefulness..i don’t think i’m a perfectionist though. i’m just afraid of doing things wrong for other people..

milk here tastes like milk in singapore. i guess that’s a good thing!