1. i wonder if ppl judge me for getting on personal websites when i come in early at work..

2. it’s so easy for people walking around the corner to see what’s on my computer, even though i’ve turned the brightness level to 13 (from like 50). but still not dark enough. but i don’t want it to be so dark i can no longer make it brighter (like i did with an old tv set back in the brownsville days bc i didn’t want my parents to catch me watching tv when i was supposed to be sleeping. they thought it was broken and had to exchange it. whoops. i fessed up like 2 yrs ago haha)

3. easier to make lists of thoughts than to type coherent paragraphs (if you’re reading this tiffo =P)

4. there’s this lady in the corner office who keeps burping loudly! like 3 times every time. maybe it’s a cultural thing, but it’s taken me sooo long to try to get used to this. and i still find it weird.

5. i think i might have the beginnings of a sore throat =(

6. i tried to sleep at 1130 the past two days, and i’m still too tired in the mornings. have had to wake up around 615 instead of 6… so maybe i have to aim for 11 in the future? or 1030….sigh.

7. still have only played mahjong for one measly game (bc then uncles/aunts showed up and we stopped playing)

8. it’s starting to rain every morning now =(

9. i killed a mosquito on my bed this morning. them moment the tissue touched it, it squirted out with fresh blood. i wonder where it bit this time. but i guess i won’t find out bc all the bites are blending in now….

10. i’ve dozed off about 4 times in the past 2 days at work…time to start mixing the hot drinks! maybe if i burn my tongue i’ll stay awake.

11. progress that moves a couple steps back is still progress in the long run =)

12. i’ve had other thoughts, but can’t think of them now, and it’s almost time to start work…

13. oh yeah, due to wanting to read after work and not much time, i think i’m cutting out internet at home at night (so only at work in the mornings/afternoons and at home on the weekends..) – just a heads up!