good day today. i’d elaborate, but my computer has about 2min left (my aunt’s using the adapter)


haha turns out it did die after all, right after the end parenthesis. what timing.
BUT i found out that the adapter i brought over actually works! =) so yay. i’m back on and now i can elaborate!


last night as i was journaling, i started thinking about why i’m here. yes, it’s partly bc i don’t have a job yet (negative), partly bc i had this opportunity to intern (positive). still…why? God has his ultimate purpose for our lives, for each step of the way…right?
and i think the HS brought it to my mind… maybe i’m here to learn to love my hk relatives, to care for them like i care for the rest of my family and friends. because to be honest, they’ve always just..been there. like “oh, yeah, i have relatives in hk.” i used to play with them a lot when i was a kid. they’d take off work, and i’d bug them to bring me places and play badminton or ping pong at a local sports place. i remember once we took some transportation to a bowling place, and then my mom and i got ice cream in wafer sandwiches or cones for everyone nearby while they were still bowling. of course, that was before they got married and had their own lives haha. and before i grew up and became all aloof and teenagery and just sat in a corner, playing my gameboy pocket and listening to music. oh, technology, what have you done to us? i was a pain back then, but i was also nicer..


but yeah, i talked to my aunt a little last night (for once i wasn’t annoyed haha. maybe it was bc she worked a little later, so i came back first and ran some errands on my own. spending too much time with the same people can get bleh sometimes. and it gave us something to talk about too), just spent awhile after dinner listening to my grandma. she really is very interesting to listen to. her memory right now is better than mine is, better than mine was even starting years ago. so she tells me a lot about her kids, life, etc. i’ve always been a fan of stories =) i also get to learn more about my dad, aunt, uncles, grandparents, and a little about my mom and that side of the family too. and other people i know that my grandma knows. my dad warned me that my grandma would talk a lot after i’d settled in a little, and i was worried that she’d criticize me or whatnot, bc he said to just listen to as much as i can, but don’t pay it much mind. so far my grandma’s been tactful enough to not quite so harsh. so that’s good.


new thing: thinking and trying to use this time to love on my hk relatives =)
i think this will be something good to keep in mind if/when they start getting on my nerves again.


i’m in a good mood today bc my grandma and aunt finally treated me as a competent individual, and not an 8-year-old who cannot put together letters to form words (as in, read signs). and they’ve stopped stuffing me with food. i assured them i could find my way to where i went thursday night, that i could find my way to the library, that i could find my way home. using whatever transportation i came across. and if something happened, i’d know to ask for directions/help, or call home if needed (i asked a cop for guidance on finding the library – i had headed the right way initially but second-guessed myself, then turned back. and so on. i walked a good stretch of road about 5 times before coming across the cop haha. but i managed to not call home and made it back fine)

so now i can handle myself around causeway bay, around north point/fortress hill. and i can make my way to 3 different libraries. progress! =)


also, though when i shower, bits of plaster on the ceiling dangle precariously and i’m actually more than a little worried that a good chunk of the peeling ceiling or damp and stained floor will give way sooner rather than later, my dad assured me over the summer (when we were in hk), that the plaster is just the surface of the ceiling, that everything is still rather steady and stable. so i will choose to believe him, because he has his engineering background. and he’s my dad. also, if it falls, oh well. i’ll live. if i don’t live, that’s not too bad either haha. heaven will just come a little earlier than expected. no big loss. oops, i started the sentence with “though” and it lasted 3 lines without the second part. so while that’s something i worry about here and there, i (and you, reader,) was extremely happy to find out that the smell in the bathroom is a result of my uncle’s many pet turtles, and not because of residue pee or anything like that. after seeing my grandma shake her head at the turtle smell attributed to my uncle’s pets, the bathroom became a lot cleaner through my eyes. yes, i’m shallow like that. sorry. but not really. so that was grateful #1.

grateful #2 = [here’s another “though”] Though i now have 1082734017834 mosquito bites (it started with 5 throughout one night when it rained. the first night we slept without a/c. i woke up with 4 bites on my right arm and 1 on my left -_- soooo ticked off that morning haha. i was definitely feeling the loss of a/c. now i just find more and more bites in random spots, both covered and uncovered, so i don’t get where the bugs choose. and also, i’ve managed to go almost a year or more without bites, so this was a kinda annoying revelation), i am grateful for the wind that blows through the windows. and the fans.


think uniqlo’s my fav clothing store now. too bad it’s asian and not in texas yet. doesn’t hurt that hkd 7.8 = usd 1, and hk has no sales taxes. and there’s a sale =) i posted a link on fb advertising for them hahah. i’ll also be dropping by muji sometime at the beg of september to pick up some pens (hoping my pay gets deposited in my hk account by then haha. worried about using up my cash, and don’t wanna ask relatives unless really necessary).


something else that gives me hope: my aunt was telling me about some books she had that might interest me. i looked in her direction and saw a bunch of thick accounting books and recoiled with horror internally. but then she looked at those books, shook her head, and muttered “no not those, those will bore you to death.” whew. then, she showed me a couple books she had, which included purpose driven live and mere christianity. i didn’t recognize the other two books- wonder if they were christian/religious too. one was about finding your purpose as well, and i don’t remember the other. it might have been another self-help/topical books haha. she said they’ve been christmas presents from her colleague, who used to (or maybe still does?) give her a book every christmas, that she’d just leave sitting there, until they turned from white to yellow. so it makes me wonder if her colleague’s also christian and was trying to reach out to her?, but i haven’t gotten around to asking my aunt that yet. or maybe he just wanted to give her some purposeful books. though mere christianity is more specific haha. anyway, i picked that book up, bc i’ve heard so much about it – and now i get to read it =) let’s see if i make the time though. i just went to a really big and nice library today and picked up 5 books (3 ender series books, 1 wicked (!), and 1 other (i think it’s a crime one. it was a small paperback and newish looking, which was a pretty rare find)). we can only borrow 6 books, each for 2 weeks. i think i mentioned this already yesterday haha. whoops.


now.. time to sleep! church tmrw at 1030 am!

oh yeah. my eyes automatically opened around 6am today -_- then i forced myself to go back to sleep, and they opened at 745. then i closed my eyes and rested until 9 haha. sigh work.


i want to google+ hangout!! still haven’t used that function yet…