i keep saying i’m going to post, but then when i finally have some time, i just..don’t want to haha.


so here’s a typical workday schedule-
on paper, i work from 9-1pm, 2-6pm [1-2pm lunch]

in reality:
wake up ~6am
leave the house ~7:40am (my aunt’s trying to get me to leave earlier though…but we’ll see)
arrive at work ~8:25am (bus takes about 15-20min, but there’s walking to the bus and from the bus too)
work 9am-12:45pm
lunch 12:45-2pm (theoretically)
work 2-6pm
leave work ~6:15pm
depending on which mode of transportation i take, i get home around 7-740pm
dinner when i get back
some down time ~9-10pm
shower ~1015pm
journal ~11pm


of course, the times aren’t always exact past “leave work”, but i pretty much have little time to bum (one of my fav things to do), and not much time to sleep, since i force out some time to bum. which results in my exclaiming (a little too loudly) “lucky you!” when an intern came by my cubicle this afternoon to say it was her last day at the Exchange. whoops. i hope the people around me don’t hate me for saying it. i still work hard! it’s just a reflex..”oh you’re done? lucky you!”

i’m also superrrrr glad it’s finally friday and i’m on weekend break now!
time to sleep and read and bum! and maybe explore around a little.

the relatives are finally realizing i’m actually old enough to go places by myself, which makes me happy =)



oh, and my name is even hard for people to get in hong kong, so now they just all call me “wing”. simple enough, i guess. i should’ve known english took over awhile ago and nobody goes by their chinese names anymore..just watch. in a few years when china has taken over, everyone’s gonna be creating their own chinese names, and i’ll just look on smugly.


in other news, i got a hk library card! =) 6 books, for up to 2 weeks.


i should shower…i’m so sleeepy. and it’s only 9:56pm. what oldness has taken over..