while driving home from a friend’s place, i realized that sugar land is actually decently convenient. not like austin/college campuses, where most things are walking distance, but people’s houses aren’t really too far off. a comfortable drive away. of course, i’m only referring to chs kids who haven’t moved away after hs, but as i drove past various neighborhoods, i kept thinking to myself – oh, so-and-so lives here…oh, pretty close to so-and-so. and so on, all the way home.

actually, maybe we are kinda walking distance…



the difference, though, lies in the fact that these are our parents’ houses, not our own apartments. but it was a nice realization nonetheless.



ok. i probably won’t update this thing for awhile. time to move on to email updates!
if you read this and don’t receive an email update, it’s because you are stalking my blog and i don’t know who you are. be ashamed.


also, my room looks like riptide blew through here this morning. gak. 15 hours till the airport!