my categorization of the world-

unknowns: those i’ve never seen/come across in my life
strangers: the many people i’ve crossed paths with, but never acknowledged because we don’t know each other
knowns: i’ve spoken to you maybe once or twice, or maybe even recognize you (where you != celebrity), but we don’t talk
acquaintances: three-minute small talkers, due to politeness. no other initiations made.
friends: we make time to hang out when we’re in the same place.
close friends: i’m ok with staying at your apartment, and you’re ok staying at mine. we actually visit each other on purpose =)
prettyhighupthere/family: family.

‘course, there are a couple of exceptions to the rule.
and there are many who leap up quickly from one category to another within an extremely short period of time, only to fall back to the “acquaintance” level after a year or so. while its kinda = sometimes, someone once told me that God uses our time in ways we know not – so i just consider time i spend with others just that. God bringing purpose to my life =)

where do you fit in?