what did xanga do?? why are my post dates now centralized instead of on the left margin?? dumb xanga, i use you bc you’re old, and i don’t appreciate the random changes you throw in, just because.

woke up at 5:33am… i’ll probably go back to sleep soon. XMEN FIRST CLASS MIDNIGHT SHOWING!!! second midnight showing, and it’ll make up for me watching new moon at dobie at midnight. ’twas still an experience, though. all things to cross off my non-existent bucket list =)

anyway, watched “i am number four” w/ the family in the parents’ room yday night, bc my dad had seen the first half of it before falling asleep, and thought it was a decent movie. and i guess the action scenes were pretty cool. but some scenes were kinda dumb. pretty much everything related to the girl/boy plot. i mean, hello? you’re getting tracked down, and you’re giving up precious time to do what? and it’s pretty obvious there’ll be at least a sequel, if not two to three more movies in this franchise. so in that way, it felt more of a TV show.. i guess the writers wrote/pitched the idea in multiple movies? or the idea was so long they decided to split it in parts…i dunno. i’ll probably wait to watch the future movies for free, just to see how it all works out..
[edit: just wiki-ed it and found out that this is based on a book, so i guess this all makes sense now. book series seems kinda interesting… and it seems like movies are running out of ideas, so most things that come out are either based on comics, books, or other movies – remakes and sequels/etc…]

we also went to sleep right after the movie, around 1130ish? maybe that’s why i’m awake now.

part of my dream (if not all of it) centered around china this year…except in my dream, the people who went were my hs and college friends. i remember conversing with four or five specific people – and seeing many other familiar faces – but now i only remember tl, mk, and one other person whose name i cannot recall = (and now i’m also realizing how several of my friends have the same initials haha). some friends were remembered by the students for being there previously (except it wasn’t possible bc they had never been..), while others quickly built a comraderie with them.

i remembered feeling both a sense of being an outsider (students there didn’t remember me since it’s been awhile, and the ones i really invested most of my 3 trips there are there no longer) – though there were humorous moments, and it helped that i knew most of the group (friends!), and a sense of nostalgia and “wow”. the sixth grade class this year was the first grade class during our very first trip. the third grade class i co-taught from my last trip three years ago. jim, hannah, hannah, fang, johnny..ok i don’t remember the other names haha..that’s how old i am =P

[sidenote: another thing i’ve realized recently? how many people have been on the tycan trip..i’ve met a lot of people through it, and if you combine all members of all 6 trips, you’ll get a crazy collection of randoms from fbcc. seriously.]

anyway, i was then rudely awoken by a slap to my face, courtesy of my sister stretching in her sleep -_-