i think of time in terms of before and after events. i.e. before i went back up to austin, and after i came back from austin.
however, i’ve gone up and down so many times within the past..month..that all my pre- and post- trips have blended together, and things that happened in between trips i no longer remember the timing of it all. i really like driving though, and gas prices are slowly decreasing!
best place to get gas from atx -> hou = exxon next to some middle school đŸ˜‰ make a right at a light up a slope on 71, after the chevron along the road.. and then the ORIGINAL smiley water tower shows up a few minutes after that, in the forest surrounding the road.

i do much less at home, and time still manages to get by so quickly.

i’m at home for less than a week (and counting)…here’s a pocket-stalker-schedule:
05.31-06.05 home
06.05-06.19 tycan/etc
06.19-06.26 hk
06.26-07.02 sg
07.02-07.11 uk
07.11-07.16 canada
07.16-07.25ish home
07.25ish-10.– hk


hope the fam takes good care of my car while i’m gone haha


hrm. please email me updates, or i will not hear from anyone and lose contact after this rather lengthy period….i’m kinda lazy with the computer at home though. i blame it on not having a desk/table in my room. well and not really using my room for anything other than storage. i’m pretty much living downstairs in the living room atm..not the same as having my own apartment/room in atx haha. oh, past.


so much to do..


i forgot to get my transcript when i was last in austin. boo.