i graduated yesterday.

unfortunately, i was unable to attend other people’s graduation ceremonies due to timing and the like…. =
the day was actually pretty stressful. maybe it was my fault, for stressing myself out un-necessarily, but time just seemed to speed by wayyyy too quickly. and rushing plus other whatnots do not a relaxing day make.
too many pictures were taken. i felt like i just stood there, a mannequin, as people came and left my side, as four cameras flashed from minutely different angles. i guess i should be glad there’s a lot of proof to remember this day by, but it was just rather tiring in the moment.

i hope dinner went well. it was a bit awkward, trying to figure out how to separate people, but people were kind enough to move around and help out a bit so i didn’t freak out hahah. but hopefully people had decent conversations and everything went alright.

it finally hit me, during the goodbyes, that i might not see some people much more in the future. and it’s sad, because the convenience will no longer be there. no more crutch. how much of an effort will we make to stay in touch, keep up with each other? it’s always easier said than done.
admission: so many people say “let’s hang out sometime” without anything actually getting done, that for the past 2-3 years when i heard the statement, i’d brush it off and assume they didn’t mean it. about three weeks ago, i finally realized that some people do actually mean it. i’m sorry…


i’m glad i’m still close with high school friends, bc our families are still in the same hometown. which means i’ll see them again, that we’ll have fun again. easier than those in austin, who don’t have many ties to the SL area. then again, i have no clue what’ll happen after graduation, so maybe i’ll be far off too. how sad.


night consisted of first time going DT other than for food, and i’m hoping my tolerance is a little higher than i gave myself credit for. it kinda makes me want to get a little closer to the line, though, to see if my behavior changes. then again, i worked hard mentally to make sure the fogginess in my head didn’t affect what i said or how i acted. so maybe that’s why? the power of the mind? haha. jk. i’m not that egotistical. and then staying up until 6am just talking. i ❤ my friends =) [though some are sneaky and pretend to sleep when they are, in fact, eavesdropping *ahem*]

woke up at 8am to write a little more. i’m starting to get closer to the end!


i am roommateless now =( good thing i still have a visitor for awhile!

now to hang out with more people, make the most of austin….leaving tuesday!