i feel like, after awhile, people who know me know when something is jokeable and when something is not…
but then i’m surprised at how it’s not always true.

maybe it’s my fault. i don’t get things straight, or i put up a good tough front, and so it confuses people that i take it somewhat seriously (though i know i probably shouldn’t) and find it offensive?


God’s approval, not man’s approval, eh?
i’m sure there are some people who don’t believe me when i say this isn’t the issue at hand, that i’m not looking for man’s approval per se. but i really don’t think i am…i just don’t like it when people are rude.. i try not to be when i can help it, but i know my sarcasm can be read wrongly much of the time, especially when i jump the gun and assume incorrectly that someone will understand it when they don’t. so i guess i understand. so since i’m trying, maybe yall can try too? we can all try together =)



finished writing the last paper of my college career (i think this is the end of the road..), went to my last class – it’s time to BUM! haha
i know, i know, i need to study, i need to look for and land a job, i need to grow up and be responsible, and on and on.
i’ll….get back to you on that.