i had a thought this morning.
and after pushing it aside to a corner of my mind, to expound on after eating breakfast and organizing my desk, i have promptly forgotten everything about it.


the corners of my rounded mind must be extremely cluttered…


to throw in some randomness:
– wii games are more powerful exercise machines than sports and the gym. after some intense canoeing and swordfighting, i woke up today hurting from my elbows to my back.
– after a week of playing, school seems like a foreign concept
– i brought my ddr stuff (minus the inside pads, bc it would’ve been too much to carry) to atx! maybe i will “exercise” more now..
– i actually still have a lot to do – not all school-related, but still..
– scraped fingers and scabs don’t heal well with band-aids. also, my knuckle gives off more pus than expected, seeing as it’s just a bony area..
– it really bugs me when my thoughts from mere minutes ago escape me =(
– best remedy is to retrace my steps and thoughts while at those different points/places (works really well at home, i’d walk back to the previous room and try to remember what i was thinking then), but it doesn’t always work…esp when there’s not much room for movement to different places in the apartment haha

anyway, have a safe flight! watch many movies =)


..i think people who read my blog know me better than those who just talk to me in person (for the most part, at least..)
so gj!