sad but not angry/bitter/frustrated, so i guess that’s not too bad =)
still proud of the spurs for making it to game 6, and this series was incredibly tight, with the 2 spurs wins funner to watch, of course.

part of me thought i would enjoy a blowout more than a tight, down-to-the-wire loss. butttt after we were down majorly to start off, i realized i did NOT enjoy it at all haha. losing a tight game would have been more disappointing, too, so i guess this 5-10pt range isn’t too bad.
z-bo was a beast though. couldn’t miss anything down the wire, which was when the grizz increased their lead and won the game. sigh.
and who in the world is greivis vasquez (whose “u” is pronounced)?? haha – i don’t even remember his name from fantasy bball?

NEXT YEAR! (seems to be my refrain for everything..)
until then…
gary neal (game 5) & manu (game 6) =)

sad that dallas moved on, orly lost, and lakers won in 6 (and not 7) last night.
sad that spurs lost (making them the 4th 1 seed to lose to the 8 seed).


who to support now..i def want celtics to beat the heat. i guess chicago over hawks, bc hawks are for me haha. and they beat orlando (dwight!…)
west…..i can’t, in good conscience, support the mavs. so lakers, please. kb24.
and…….kd35! but, as memphis beat san antonio, it’d be nice to see them be the playoff “cinderella” team – have them be recognized as good, and not just the spurs as bad/old….. so i dunno. toughie. and battier really is a class act. and allen is just super thief haha.

just wanna see really good series from here on out. 7 games! tight games! no blowouts. that’d be nice.



royal wedding was this morning – i managed to stay up until guests started arriving, then accidentally fell asleep until the intro song blasted on tv and i opened my eyes to “Dearly Beloved…” – it was all really pretty haha, though, SO MUCH SINGING. hope they make it last!

fairy tales, happily ever afters….


i’ve been watching Friends on my computer, too. dream-world scenario haha

then again, my current life isn’t bad at all 🙂

❤ friends, family, God.
with the One, any trial and tribulation in life is conquerable, bearable.
with the three? blessed indeed.

ok whatever, i’m getting more outwardly mushy in my old age, but with my last week of school coming up, graduation just around the corner, and random elementary school tshirts and threads popping up on facebook – i’m cutting myself some slack. so you must, too.